Frequently asked questions

Before your quote
How do I get a quote on your website?

In order to get your quotes all you have to do is fill in some information about your move like contact details, pickup and drop off locations, what you need to move, what type of house your moving out of and any little extra details about access issues for example. After you fill in these details our brainy algorithm checks your local area for the 5 closest removals companies to you with a list of prices and customer reviews and sends you an email with a link to your results

Now you can get in touch with the selected removals companies and they can get in touch with you, have a chat about the exact costs and get the best deal for your big move!

What information do I need in order to get a quote?

All you need to supply us with are your contact details, the address locations your moving from and moving to, what size house your moving out of, what items you need moving and any extra details you can think of that would help the removals company. After we have this we can give you an accurate picture of what choice's are available in your area

Are the drivers insured?

Yes, all the drivers are insured and abide by our code of conduct, we also encourage companies to join the National Guild of Removers and Storers to ensure all companies practice correctly. Should you have an issue with any of the drivers that you cannot resolve with them personally please get in touch.

I cannot find a route I want to quote. What to do?

You can still put you details in and get a rough cost, the removals companies can give you a more accurate picture of which journey would work best for time and money when you get in touch with each other

How do I pay for my man and van service?

We don't take a single penny off you on the website, all payments are agreed by both parties via email or over the phone with the removals company. Payment is made either by cash or card. If your'e unsure you should ask them to be sure. Ensure that you have the payment method ready on the day of the move to avoid any complications.

What if i need more than one man to move my stuff?

If your looking to get some extra assistance to move your possessions the removals companies will have additional staff should you need them. If this is the case then you can arrange that with them over the phone, typically this will be at an additional cost per hour.

Before you travel
How should i best prepare for the move?

Stay calm and relax as much as possible, and make sure all boxes and possessions are packed, and if possible dismantled and ready to go. This will make loading and unloading much quicker and smoother for when the professionals arrive.

Do you supply packing boxes?

We do have a supplier who can provide you with nice strong boxes of different sizes, if your interested at all visit them at